Seeing The Easter Bunny

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Seeing The Easter Bunny

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Seeing The Easter Bunny

Two little girls
Were walking at the park
Picking up Easter eggs
Before it got dark

As they raced over the grass
And all around the trees
They got a glimpse of Easter bunny
Hopping a long with the breeze

They had Easter baskets
Over flowing with eggs
Then they headed home
Just so they could brag

When they told of the Easter bunny
Being at the park too
The parents just laughed
The girls cried "it's true"

The parents went out
To the park to see
Bunny tracks were everywhere
For them all to see

The girls pointed as they saw
The Easter bunny still there
Hopping all around proud and tall
Like he didn't even care

So if you're out looking for eggs
Watch out for Easter bunny too
For you just never know
He might even be seen by you

written 4/8/2014 by Norman Hale Jr.
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Re: Seeing The Easter Bunny

Post by Hope »

This is so cute and I know they saw that Easter Bunny! What a Wonderful Blessing it is when we can see things through the eyes of our children I Love this!

God Bless You Eva
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