Here Comes Santa Clause

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Here Comes Santa Clause

Post by norman »

Here comes santa clause
Flying through the air
Riding in his sleigh
With lots of toys to share

He lands on a roof
Then slides down the chimney
Bringing all kinds of things
Just for you or even me

He puts the presents
Down under the tree
Then laughs his jolly laugh
That comes so naturally

Then he eats the cookies
And drinks up all the milk
Glides back up the chimney
Just as smooth as silk

He climbs back in his sleigh
And he's off with his toys
Off to deliver the rest
To other girls and boys

So you better be good
Or he'll pass you by
Then come Christmas morn
You'll be the one to cry

written 8/13/2013 by Norman Hale Jr.
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Re: Here Comes Santa Clause

Post by Hope »

I LOVE this and I have 4 kids I am watching today that I am going to read it to!

God Bless You Eva
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